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Little Cove Provincial Park Sign

Little Cove Provincial Park

Maybe it’s just a tourist thing, or maybe a bear thing, but the Little Tub Bakery has become a fixture on our yearly trip to Tobermory. They create the most amazing treats that always makes our stay so much more delicious! All that time I spent browsing muffins, cookies and pies, I never knew there was something else just as amazing right across the street. In a search for new parks to visit, I came across Little Cove Provincial Park and given it’s small size it seemed like a quick way to try and add to my count. After checking it out, I think I have another place I have to visit every year!

Little Cove Provincial Park is located at the end of a bumpy dirt road just across the street from the bakery, or about 10 minutes from town. Walking from the parking lot up the road to the shore is fairly simple, but once you’re on the stone beach you’ll need to be careful as the footing can be tricky. To the left of the entrance are private cottages so you’ll want to go right to start exploring. There are so many interesting rock formations, boulders, and colours that you can easily spend hours just looking around. The Bruce Trail also runs through the park so if you wanted to do a bit of trail hiking I’m sure it could accommodate your needs.

If the water is still, you’ll be able to see the massive boulders just under the surface. I found it interesting that they were so spread out. I haven’t really seen anything like it before! The only thing that would have made my trip even better would have been running across one of my favourite nature photographers, Ethan Meleg, when he visited later that day.

If you’re stopping into the bakery, or just making your way up to Tobermory be sure to pay a visit to Little Cove Provincial Park. It takes no time at all and the view is great!

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Posted: January 14th, 2013