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Wilson's Falls

Wilson’s Falls

Long ago, Wilson’s Falls became a permanent destination on any of my trips up North. I’ve hiked both sides, climbed over the rocks, watched the new dam get built and even picnicked beside the falls. The size of the of falls, the bend of the river, the ease of access and the great scenery all around make this waterfall one of my favourites.

Wilson’s Falls is located just a few minutes from downtown Bracebridge, at the end of Wilson’s Falls Road. From Manitoba Street turn onto Taylor Road and just before you cross the river turn left on to River Road. River Road will become Wilson’s Falls Road and take you right to the waterfall. There is a small parking area right outside the dam which gives you a nice view of the falls from across the river, or if you take the road right to the end there is another, larger parking lot.

Taking the trail from the end of the road leads you across the top of the dam and into the woods. Once in the woods there are two choices: continue on the trail or go exploring! If you stay on the trail for about 250m you’ll find a small bridge. On the other side of the river the trail continues towards the inside edge of the falls and some very interesting rocks. If you decide to go exploring a bit there are quite a few worn paths leading from the trail to the outer edge of the falls. This is my favourite spot as you’re right in front of the falls. Both sides require extreme caution as the rocks can be very slippery!

If you’re driving through Bracebridge, take a small break to visit Wilson’s Falls. You won’t regret it!

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Posted: January 7th, 2013