The Ring Kiln Side Trail - Natural Ontario
Upper Beamer Falls

Upper Beamer Falls

This is the waterfall that started it all. I had always loved being outside but everything got a little more adventurous after visiting Beamer Conservation Area for a nature photography course. I was nervous, not only did I have someone following me around an area I had never been before, I also didn’t have the directions written down anywhere! Thankfully we found the place fairly easily and the adventure began!

The climb down the gorge is pretty straightforward. The trail leads you towards the falls from the parking lot off Ridge Road W. From there you’ll see a worn trail down the slope that takes you to the stream. Heading upstream you’ll see Upper Beamer Falls. Depending on the time of year you may get a little wet making your way to the base of the falls, but there should be a few rocks that you can rest on once you get there.

This is typically part of a waterfall tour for us as you can also visit Upper Balls Falls, Lower Balls Falls and Devil’s Punchbowl Falls all in the same afternoon and all relatively easily. There is also a Lower Beamer Falls but we have not had a chance to visit it yet so we’re unsure of the exact route.

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Posted: July 11th, 2012