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Washboard Falls

Washboard Falls

Hamilton is packed with great waterfalls and Washboard Falls is no exception. Located just upstream from Tiffany Falls, this waterfall is probably one of the hardest in the region to visit as the climb up the east side of Tiffany Falls is pretty rough. I don’t think the climb will stop me from returning though, it will just take a little extra planning!

When I first read about Washboard Falls, the route to visit the falls was questionable. The path might have crossed private property so we weren’t sure if we’d be able to use it. We decided to check it out and when we got there it was clear we weren’t the only ones who had used these directions. We gave the path a chance and before long we were sitting at the base of the falls. Once we were back home I found some discussions online that said the route we took wasn’t viable, so now the only way to visit these falls is the very steep climb.

Washboard Falls is really uncommon to the area as the rock under the falls has eroded at the same rate, giving it it’s unique look. The eastern side of the river below the falls has a tall rock wall while the western bank is flat and very rocky with a few fallen trees. If you walk downstream you can get pretty close to the edge of Tiffany Falls, but I wouldn’t get too close given the huge drop and loose footing.

I can’t wait to return to Washboard Falls, I just need to remember some rope!

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Posted: February 25th, 2013