The Ring Kiln Side Trail - Natural Ontario
Little Cove Provincial Park Sign

Little Cove Provincial Park

Maybe it's just a tourist thing, or maybe a bear thing, but the Little Tub Bakery has become a fixture on our yearly trip to Tobermory. They create the most amazing treats that always makes our stay so much more delicious! All that time I spent browsing muffins, cookies and pies, I never knew there was something else just as amazing right across the street. In a search for new parks to visit, I came across Little Cove Provincial Park and given it's small size it seemed like a quick way to try and add to my count. After checking it out, I think I have another place I have to visit every year! Keep reading.

Ferris Provincial Park Sign

Ferris Provincial Park

I first learned about Ferris Provincial Park on an awkward drive home from a camping trip at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. We were driving north on highway 30, passing over the 401 to join the westbound traffic when as we crossed over the crest of the bridge we could see someone waving their arms, trying to grab our attention. There were three cars backing up the on-ramp as the 401 was literally a parking lot due to a massive accident. So, as we drove past the ramp and were trying to figure out how to get home, we saw signs for Ferris Provincial Park. Though we didn't get to visit that day, I made sure to add it to my list! Keep reading.

Mark S Burnham Provincial Park Sign

Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park

One of the best parts about touring around the province and visiting so many parks is that you get the opportunity to find some really unique places, and Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park is one them. Situated just a few minutes outside Peterborough this small park seems to attract all sorts of people, especially in the fall. Keep reading.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Sign

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Years ago, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park was one of the first places I ever went for a photo hike so it seemed only natural that I return as I start my journey back from my leg injury. Located just 80 minutes north of Toronto or 20 minutes from Orangeville this park is great for an escape from the city and gives so many options for trails and lookouts. While this park doesn't allow camping, it is great for hikers, cyclists and even horseback riders. During our visit we saw people of all ages and fitness groups on the trails and even a few strollers being pushed along some of the easier stretches. Keep reading.

Mara Provincial Park Sign

Mara Provincial Park

If you're looking for a quiet getaway with a little sun and sand then Mara Provincial Park might just be the place for you. With a great looking beach and just over 100 campsites, this park just east of Orillia provides an escape to nature while also giving you a chance to work on your tan. Keep reading.